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Protos 500 Extrem english

We were aiming reduce the weight of the Protos 500 and it realy worked.
The prototypes now have been over a great number of flights an one single crash (nobody is perfect and even a trained pilot sometimes makes a mistake) and it surpassed all our expectations. The completely constructed machine´s weight without accu amounts 1000g (with original YGE controller, V-Stabi, Savöx SH-1257MG for heckrotor, 3x Savöx SH-1250 MG for swash plate, 2 Spectrum Satelites).
The akku which we used was an SLS ALP 1800-45C with 6S  (weight 400g) The smaller accu doesn´t reduce the flying time essentially, because the machine has a lower energy demand due to the lower weight.

All parts for upgrade the Protos 500 are available.
You can order this parts from the list on this page.
For reaching the low weight of 1000g without accu you have to use the following tuning parts from MSH and the given RC components.

MSH polycarbonat canopy (MSH51128)
MSH Mainshaft holow (MSH51004) 28,8g

Servo Savöx SH-1257MG 1Stk.
Servo Savöx SH-1250MG 3Stk.
Satelites Spectrum 2pcs. (3,65 g/pcs)
Minni V-Stabi

Protos 500 Extrem V1 ohne Haube kl
Protos 500 Extrem V1 komplett kl


For order please send an e-Mail to mwurzer@kt-net.at

Verbinder M2,5x35

Bodydistance M2,5x35 from CFK wit thread.
You need 3 pcs. for the accuplate and 3 pcs. for the mounting plate

weight: 1,50g/pcs

price: 4,15 €/pcs

Heckrohr Protos 500 Extrem

CFK boom 17x443mm
You can use it without tail boom brace

weight: 18,95 g

price: 29,20 €

Prot 500 E Montageplatte

Mountingplate made from CFK
for mounting controller, gyro or reciver. You have to glue it with carbon glue to the body distances. You dont need the plate when You fit the components on other places

weight: 4,60g

price: 15,60 €

Akkuplatte Protos 500 Extrem

Accumount made from CFK
for better fitting the accu. You must glue it with carbon Glue to the body distances. You must not use it because than You must protect the accu against demages on the sideplates.


price: 15,84 €

Prot 500 E Seitenleitwerk

Fin made from 1mm CFK
the fin is 8mm longer than the original, because the design allowes to shorten it.

weight: 3,70g

price: 10,56 €

Prot 500 E Seitenteil

frame plate made from 1mm CFK
the left and the right part are the same. The tail boom brace can not used with this side parts. Also the MSH landing gear and the MSH Accu mount can not used any more.

weight: 16,5 g

price:36,20 €/pcs

Prot 500 E Gumibef

You need basicly 2 pcs. Without accuplate You need 4 pcs.

Gewicht: 1g

price: 1,86€

Prot 500 E Landegestell

contains  one CFK part, 2 screws M2,5x16; 2x 2pcs. bushes. (You need it 2 times for a complete landing gear

weight: 11g

price: 29,97€

Prot 500 E Haubenbefestigung

contains CFK rood and 2 pcs. canopy grommets. You have to drill 5mm holes into the canopy.

weight: 1,3g

price: 1,52€





Prot 500 E Montageplatte unten kl
Prot 500 E ohne Montageplatte kl

The mountingplate on the upper site of the Protos 500 Extremgive You the posibilty and space for fit the RC components or a controller. There are a lot of holes for fit the conponets. There is also a big hole to reach the central screw on th upper end of the mainshaft. The mountingplate must glued with carbon glue to the bodydistances.

You can save 4,6g when You don´t use the mountingplate. for a small controller (example: YGE 60) You can also use the spase on the upper site of the accuplate..


Prot 500 E Akkuplatte kl
Prot 500 E ohne Akkuplatte kl

The accuplate makes it easier to fit the accu. In the shape of the accuplate there are two rubbermounts (by using it You need only 2 rubbermounts). The accuplate must be glued with carbon glue to the bodydistances.

When You dont use the accuplate You can save 4,6g, because You must protect the accu againstscour with the bodyplates. You also must use 2 more rubbermounts ore You fix the accu with velcro tape. Holes for fix the accu with velcro tape are in the sidepanels.

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